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  • Welcome to École Wîhkwêntôwin School

    Welcome to École Wîhkwêntôwin School

    We are so pleased to let you know that our school has a new name: Wîhkwêntôwin School.

    Wîhkwêntôwin is a Cree word that can be translated into English as ‘circle of friends’. Wîhkwêntôwin is pronounced we-kwen-to-win.

    We are excited to share the same name as the community we call home!

    Online and digital updates are underway, and the rollout of new signage and other changes at the school will take place over the next few months.

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    Watch our Nellie McClung Junior High Slideshow to find out more about our amazing all girls junior high program. Check out the choosenellie website for more information.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram  @ choose.nellie  

    We offer French Immersion and Regular Kindergarten. Click here for Kindergarten Slideshow



    If your child is new to Edmonton Public Schools, you can register for school online. Visit the Division website to learn how to register for school.

    If you have any questions about registering for school, contact the school office, 780-488-1221.

    For the 2024-2025 school year, École Wîhkwêntôwin School is full in planned classes in the regular program. A Kindergarten student who is a resident and lives in the school's attendance area may still register. For Grades 1 to 6 in the regular program, we will only accept resident students who have newly moved into the school’s attendance area for the regular program. A resident student of Edmonton Public Schools has at least one parent or legal guardian living in Edmonton who is not Roman Catholic. Non-resident students can enroll in another Division school with space in planned classes.

    For the French immersion program, École Wîhkwêntôwin School is full in planned classes in Grade 1 and 2. We will no longer be accepting enrolment requests for these grade levels in this program. We continue to accept registrations for Kindergarten, Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6.

    If you are registering for Kindergarten or if you are new to Edmonton Public Schools, you must register online


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Useful Information

If you are registering for Kindergarten or if you are new to Edmonton Public Schools, you must register online

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Principal's Message

Welcome/Tatawaw/ Bonjour to our Wîhkwêntôwin School family! As we head into our last term, we celebrate the growth, greatness, success and of course, connection and learning with all our students!

On April 9, 2024, we are pleased to announce that our new school name is École Wîhkwêntôwin School. Staff are delighted to have you as part of our community as students, parents and caregivers, family, staff and community members are all important and valued participants in our world of learning. We are a 'circle of friends'.   

Learning is our priority at École Wîhkwêntôwin School and learning will take place in many engaging ways. École Wîhkwêntôwin School is a safe place where students are encouraged and supported in their drive to reach their greatest potential.  We work as a team with our learning partners to do what is best for all of the children in our care. The characteristics of kindness, caring, respect, inclusiveness and responsibility are only a few of the attributes that are part of every classroom.  

What can you do as a student to make your school year the best ever? Choose kindness and take care of each other every day. Come to school ready to participate in your learning adventure. There are so many things in our great big world to explore and engage in. Be passionate! Ask questions! Research! Collaborate! Take risks and challenge yourself! Be brave! This is your time to be great and be someone who makes a difference in our world.

I look forward to connecting with you and invite you to call or email when you have questions, comments or concerns. You are your child’s advocate and your input matters. Our children are the greatest asset in this world and their success depends on all of our support. Together we make amazing things happen.  

Let’s have a fabulous year together!

The Very Proud Principal of École Wîhkwêntôwin School,

Sheelagh Brown



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At École Wîhkwêntôwin School, we take care of each other in our welcoming, inclusive environment.

Together we are collaborative, purposeful and engaged life-long learners.